Ayurmana Reviews “Heaven In Ayurmana-Dharma Ayurveda Healing Center”

I am a fitness buff and a self-proclaimed health freak. And when I choose to write a review, you can be dead sure that either I was pissed off or I been mightily impressed. This time it’s the later. Ayurmana is a unique natural healing centre offering ayurveda, yoga, meditation, healing etc in a very laid back casual ambience. I would say it’s the least intimidating hospital offering perhaps the best ayurvedic treatment in the whole of India. I have visited numerous health centers till date, yet none of them offers such comprehensive cure for health disorders – and they treat almost every minor and major health issues. I consulted the physician personally and by following his instruction, I experienced a remarkable improvement in my mental and physical health conditions. Earlier, I used to feel quite frustrated every day for whatsoever reasons. I took part in the interactive sessions with healers that literally healed me. Apart from the treatment, their hospitality is also commendable. Consult the physicians of Ayurmana irrespective of whether you suffer from any minor or major disorder. More times than not, they will suggest a lasting, natural and safe cure.

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